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As part of our IT Services offering, ULTIMATE RESOURCES provide Cyber Security consulting and management to SMEs across Pensacola.

Detecting and preventing unauthorized access to your systems and network is important for businesses of all sizes. Our IT Security Service is based on ITIL, the industry standard for IT Service delivery.

SMEs make good targets for hackers due to their lax approach to IT Security. Cyber thieves use both automated and focused prospecting methods to select their targets. In 2017, the threat landscape will continue to expand. Examples of common IT threats ULTIMATE RESOURCES have experienced are:

Money Transfers – This applies to companies trading high-value sums for goods & services like solicitors/vehicle & machinery traders. Computers on either end of a transaction are compromised and hackers intercept bank details being sent, replacing them with their own. This happens regularly in Pensacola when businesses trade internationally.

Ransomware – Accesses your network through compromised websites users have visited. Ransomware encrypts your data and forces you to pay for a code to unlock it.

Exploit Kits – Exploit vulnerabilities in Adobe or your web browser. These are engineered to steal valuable information on your pc, including customer and client data.

Banking Trojans– Sent by spammers in form of office documents, designed to monitor user behavior and capture bank details.

Social Engineered Threats – Phishing, Baiting & Pretexting lures users into providing sensitive information.

Fake Tech Support Services – Telephone your business claiming they are from a well-known tech support company. Users are tricked into installing software that can be used by hackers to obtain sensitive customer information and banking details.

Rogue Staff – Not all threats are external; many companies need protection from their own employees. Companies need networks with restricted areas requiring user authentication to protect their company and client data.

Developing an effective security policy and plan for your business network will reduce the risk of a security breach, a costly operational loss and tech clean-up bill.  Security breaches are bad for business and your reputation.

Our Cyber Security is a multi-layered approach. ULTIMATE RESOURCES will carry out a full IT Security audit, identify areas of risk and then create a plan to execute and secure the business. Finally, ULTIMATE RESOURCES can manage and maintain the security level.

Our IT Security Plan Includes

Clear House

  • Detect & Remove Viruses, Malware, Trojan, Spyware, Adware etc.

  • Secure All Computers/Servers with Centralized & Managed Antivirus

  • Update Operating Systems/Applications on All Devices

Secure the Perimeter

  • Set up Firewalls adding Intrusion Prevention, Antivirus Gateways & Internet Content Filter

  • Set up Enterprise Class Email Server & Filtering

Data Lockdown

  • Review Network Data Storage

  • Define Data Access & Storage Policy

  • Create Network User Permissions. Set who goes where and who sees what.

  • Educate your Users on Cyber Threats