IT Maintenance for Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises, Businesses, & Organizations 2017-12-23T10:36:34+00:00

As part of our IT Services offering, ULTIMATE RESOURCES provide an IT Maintenance Service to SMEs across Pensacola.

What is IT Maintenance?

IT Maintenance involves carrying out regular and consistent technical work to preserve the current system state. Our IT Maintenance Service is based on ITIL, the industry standard for IT Service delivery.

Why IT Maintenance is Important

No business wants unplanned downtime, security risks or unpredictable information technology performance. An IT Preventative Maintenance plan is a core requirement to meet any IT standard.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Consistent updating and maintenance of applications and operating systems to ensure optimal performance and protection

  • Protection against network downtime, server failure and business interruption

  • Engagement of idle resources

  • Consistent and predictable performance

  • Multi-layered security standard

How it Works

ULTIMATE RESOURCES will carry out a full review of your company’s IT Maintenance procedures. Working with the business stakeholders or internal IT, ULTIMATE RESOURCES will create a maintenance strategy, design a maintenance plan, implement the changes required, support the maintenance and assist in the improvement of the service over time.

Our IT Maintenance Plan includes

  • Operating System Patching for Windows Servers, Window 7/8/10, Apple Macs, Azure Servers, Cloud Platforms

  • Real-time Updates & Scanning with Antivirus & Anti-Malware platforms

  • Application Updates – Java, Adobe, Sage, QuickBooks, Web Browsers & other 3rd Party Applications

  • Scheduled Reboots & Shut Downs

  • Firmware & Driver Updates on Servers, Network Hardware & Devices